A bus is in itself a city…

To warp William Carlos Williams to my own particulars: bus is in itself a city, beginning, seeking, achieving and concluding its life in ways which the various aspects of a city may embody…


Bus stop at the corner of Highland Ave and Bryant St, New Years Day, about 7:30 pm, 2017

We step onto the bus and out between lines of houses, paragraphs of street, chapters of neighborhood. We leave bits and pieces of story unfinished on the bus, along with backpacks, umbrellas, hats and gloves, glances, greetings, collisions, and conversations interrupted by our destinations, encounters punctuated by the ellipses of bus stops that lead us on away from home and then back again…

About helengerhardt1

Helen Gerhardt: Pittsburgher, writer, member of the Commission on Human Relations: nothing written at this blog reflects the views or positions of the Commission.

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