Citizen Police Review Board: Meant to Transcend Populism and Politics

Posted by Helen Gerhardt

As I work on longer bi-monthly narratives and essays, I’ll regularly post my primary and secondary source research, sometimes along with commentary, but often as stand-alone documentation or background for current stories, concerns and recommendations for change by community members.

Yesterday, I mepittingert with Beth Pittinger, Executive Director of the Citizen Police Review Board to discuss her own central concerns and recommendations for needed changes in policing in Pittsburgh. She forthrightly addressed several of the most controversial topics to heat up our local presses in the last year:

She expressed hopes for the greater transparency, maturity and professionalism of the new Peduto Administration, but strongly asserted the responsibility of citizens to be far better informed and engaged in pressuring their elected officials to decisively restructure the system. She urges Pittsburghers to hold all leadership accountable, rather than to ever dehumanize the police who protect our public safety, or to accept corruption as the price for amicable relations with power.

Audio of interview with Beth Pittinger:

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Helen Gerhardt: Pittsburgher, writer, member of the Commission on Human Relations: nothing written at this blog reflects the views or positions of the Commission.

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